We are Harvink


In the beginning: M. VINK & ZN. The history of Harvink goes back to 1947. This is the year that Hermanus Vink started his furniture factory ‘M. Vink & Zn’ in IJsselstein.  His sons Harm and Harry introduced the Harvink name in 1985. The brothers chose a unique and recognisable signature for the Harvink collection, featuring perfect sitting comfort and a visible metal frame construction.

The current owners, Sander Prinsen and Alette Trompetter, have maintained the company’s excellent reputation after acquiring it in 2006. They have continued along the same distinctive course. Thanks to their great passion for the field of furniture, the duo has added even more emphasis on craftsmanship and top quality.


After taking over the company in 2006, Sander and Alette have dedicated their efforts and significant energy to maintaining and improving the Harvink brand. Harvink furniture continues to be a work of handcrafted art.  Thanks to new and unique designs, the Harvink collection is ever evolving and customers can expect beautiful, innovative end products, each and every one of them a piece to be proud of and that can be personalised to suit personal taste. Harvink provides the basis, but you decide the colour, size and upholstery.  But perhaps seeing, sitting and feeling is better. So visit the Harvink House and admire and experience the entire collection in all its splendour and magnificence.

Close collaboration with a select group of top designers. It should come as no surprise that Harvink works with Dutch designers like Martin Haksteen and Thijs Smeets for its collection. After all, these top designers enjoy an excellent worldwide reputation.    

What you see is what you get.  Harvink combines good service with honest products. Transparency in terms of the design and production process is important to Harvink. You are always welcome to come have a look behind the scenes and Harvink is always prepared to respond to your questions and comments. Sander and Alette are also available to assist you as professional experts and committed owners.