Sit and Wonder: at home at Harvink 

Beauty, comfort, design. These words pale in comparison to the real-life experience. Obviously, you can buy a piece of furniture on the basis of a picture alone, but remember that your new sofa or table and chairs will be a vital part of your household, of your life, for many years to come. So it is advisable to first see, feel and touch before buying. You should take the opportunity to experiment with different combinations and sizes. How does this side table combine with that sofa or that ottoman with this armchair, but then in a different colour?  

That is why we created the Harvink House. In this 800 m2 showroom, you can not only admire our entire collection, but try it out as well. Here you can see, compare, combine and get advice. Harvink welcomes you with open arms and is ready to offer all necessary service and support. Once you’ve made your decision, you can order directly.


In the Harvink House, you can not only use the swatch books, but test out the options with large pieces of fabric and leather that you can drape over the furniture pieces. This added convenience helps in the decision-making process since, after all, it can be difficult to make a choice based on a swatch sample.

Harvink has everything for your perfect home.

From unexpected possibilities to unanticipated combinations. Come have a look, learn more and be convinced by the collection.

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